About Us

Origin of Nead Werx

Founded in 1999, Nead Werx is a full-service custom software development firm specializing in rapid development of modern and efficient web and mobile applications. We have extensive experience in design, integration, development, graphics, testing, documentation, and continuing support. We build efficient, reliable, and maintainable data-driven applications which means you get the features you want today that will continue to deliver in the future.

Are you sick of changing your business to work with available software? Do you have legacy apps that need to be updated or moved to the cloud? Our solutions will enhance your existing processes and provide a level of intelligence and automation you have not experienced before. Join over 50 customers in three countries and contact Nead Werx to deliver your application today!

Letter from the Principal

Life is about passion, risk and growth. When you are passionate about your endeavors you don’t see them as burdens. When you embrace risk as opportunity you don’t waste your energy on anxiety, and when you see change in a positive light growth is only short-term pain. At Nead Werx we use our passion for quality work to minimize your risk, maximize the return on your investment and provide a path for your bottom line to grow.

We measure our success by the size of our support queue. As a technology company, Nead Werx believes that if we take zero support calls from our customers then that means one of two things: either A) we have succeeded fabulously and we have solved the clients’ business problem with 99% accuracy, or B) we have failed and the customer has moved on to another vendor. None of our clients have ever moved on to another vendor.

There is a joke in the technology industry: Do you know the definition of Legacy Technology? … No? … Legacy Technology is technology that works. When you hire Nead Werx to build your custom software you are buying a solution that will likely succeed for much longer than you anticipate, and if it is ever time to upgrade or make a change we look forward to using our passion to satisfy your needs once again.

Nickolas Downey

Nickolas Downey

Community Engagement

At Nead Werx, we strongly believe in giving back to our community, because they are a key reason to our success. Nead Werx is continually searching for new ways to contribute to Atlanta and our surrounding communities.

We strive to contribute to society whenever and wherever possible. As an organization, we make contributions to a variety of over forty five different non-profit organizations annually. As we are constantly looking to make a greater impact in our community, if you have suggestions or opportunities to share, please contact us!

Nead Werx is proud to be the offical 2012 and 2013 sponsor of The Next Wave Society of Georgia Aquarium. The Next Wave Society of Georgia Aquarium is comprised of professionals committed to increasing philanthropic support and awareness of the Aquarium’s exhibits, conservation and research initiatives, and educational programs

Nead Werx is proud to announce its adoption of the four on and off ramps at Paces Ferry Road and 285 in Atlanta, GA, as a part of the Adopt-a-Highway Program. Nead Werx has secured the four ramps, committing to periodically clearing trash, debris, and any other litter on these stretches of highway. A sign has been erected on each ramp, recognizing Nead Werx, Inc. as the official sponsor of these areas. At least four times each year, Nead Werkers will come together and clean both sides of the adopted areas. Nead Werx is honored to be a part of this program and looks forward to helping to keep the state of Georgia clean.

Nead Werx is proud to be the official 2012 and 2013 sponsor of Camp Twin Lakes’ Camp-To-Go camp programs. Camp-To-Go provides a fun, recreational day camp for children undergoing treatment at children’s hospitals across Georgia who, together with their siblings, experience imaginative indoor camp programming such as fishing, archery, crafts and camp concerts.